Third Party Reviews

Aaron Barrett | July 28, 2018 |

"Asked for medium fade and even pointed to height I wanted fade at. Got a high and tight. #worsehaircut"

Stephen Collins | June 23, 2018 |

"Kristen did a great job. And, the steam towel is great."

Mike T. | June 12, 2018 |

"The person who cut my hair today was rude and did a terrible job. The funny thing is that I requested her b/c she did a great job on my previous visit. When I sat down she said "what am I doing" my response was "exactly what you did last time", he response, "what did I do last time". Normally they can look at notes from previous cut and they would be able to determine what size clippers they used. Then after we did the towel thing and sat back down and asked her to redo the sides because they looked horrible and uneven. One of the ladies heard and chimed in and my lady was not very happy. I started to get up and just wanted to pay and leave. Oh no, he raised her voice and told me to sit down(felt like I was in school getting yelled at). I've never been treated so poorly and highly unlikely I'll be going back. I'll be going back to the store in Gurnee as it's closer to my house and they actually respect their customers. Might want to consider telling their employees not to take smoke brakes between clients, not sure people like getting their haircut by someone who's hands smell like an ashtray. I witnessed this a few months back at same store. Unreal"

Dan L. | June 04, 2018 |

"Been there many times, 4-5 times over a year or so, for my son, a 8 years old only because it is close by and he likes the steam towel thing. Always got a horrible cut. Simply unskilled. After the last time, with many sporadic uneven chop-ins back and front, I call it no more to this place. If you cannot even cut a marginal straight line with scissors, you'd better be in a different business."

Chris Diehl | May 19, 2018 |

"I've been coming to SportClips for many years, but their quality had been going down and yesterday's experience cinched it for me - SportClips has lost me as a customer. I got a terrible haircut and then was made to feel like it was somehow my fault - like I had requested it. I'm 40+ years old, getting my haircut for decades, I haven't changed the look of it in 15 years - and your stylist gives me attitude like it was my fault? And then charges me $30 with tip? If it was just one bad experience at one location, OK - but recently I had to take my kids back to a different SportClips to fix what they had done. Maybe the company should start spending less on marketing and more on stylists who actually know that they are doing."

Zach Franke | March 13, 2018 |

"I’ve been going here once a month, but will now be going to the Deerfield location. They send me coupons, and I will not get terrible customer service like I did today at the Northbrook location."

Peter S. | March 09, 2018 |

"6 hair stylists. 3 people ahead of me. Wait list said 15 minutes. Waited +45 minutes to get a neck trim. I would rate no stars if possible. This location disappoints time and time again. Last time coming."

Rob W. | November 14, 2010 |

"I took my nephew here last summer and I have taken both my nephews to other Sports Clips stores. Each time they've left with a decent haircut at a fair price. Well, I went to my "usual" barber on Friday afternoon, got there at 2:15 and saw he was out until 3. This has happened a couple of times and I live a little ways from the place. (I suppose I should call ahead). Nonetheless, I didn't feel like waiting around or coming back, so I decided it was time to try Sports Clips myself. I still prefer the "old time" barber over the stores with several (usually lady) stylists. But this place was OK. The first time you get a VIP cut for the price of their normal deal - $20 instead of $23. The VIP includes a massage (one of those Sharper Image kinda things), a cut and a shampoo. Anna was my stylist and she did OK - nice person, and did a decent job. I did notice a little bit of pull when she cut my hair with the scissors - was wondering how sharp the scissors was. But other than that, it was OK - I'll go back."

Jim K. | September 12, 2011 |

"I gave Sport Clips a fair shot, and visited them more than half a dozen times in the 9 months. I can understand the appeal to some: inexpensive haircut, (theoretically) you can be in and out, sports on the TV... However, in practice, I felt that, most times, Sport Clips fell well short of expectations. Statistically speaking: 8 Visits 3 Cuts = Yeah, that looks like a $20 haircut (this earned that second star) 2 Cuts = OK, I guess I can live with that 3 Cuts = Oh No! (or Maybe if I could grow a killer mustache, everyone will think I'm an undercover cop) Four Things I learned from this experience: 1. NEVER, EVER get a haircut from a place that sells hats. 2. For an extra 3 bucks, you get a damp rag plopped on your face, then get have the privilege of being "massaged" by a machine that many would consider a battery-operated-boyfriend. 3 Extra bucks to get stressed the hell out? Yes please! 3. If I ever wanted to have my friends all ask me "What happened to your hair?" You could go here, roll the dice, and probably come away with a cut that would do the job. On the other hand, you could save you cash and do it yourself... that's what lawnmowers are for, right? 4. Never underestimate the rapport you have with your current barber or stylist. First, The Good: Sports are on throughout the shop, so if you don't want to talk to the person with the blade to your head, you at least have a reason to ignore them, somewhat gracefully. The room where they wash your hair is dark, so it's easy to pretend you're somewhere else. Also, you can't see the things you're smelling, which I guess is a bonus. Gripes: The wait can be long, sometimes for no identifiable reason. My third visit required me to wait 10 minutes before anyone even cam to the front to check me in. You can not make appointments. You can only call ahead to see if your preferred stylist is there, then once you arrive, tell whoever is at the desk who you want to cut your hair. However, this method is a bit futile, since the turnover here seems to be so high that, the few stylists I did like seemed to be out the door months later. Every time I explained how I wanted my hair cut, the stylist generally decided they wanted to do something different... without telling me... These methods always involved electric clippers... and 2 weeks under a baseball cap. Finally, I understand that you get what you pay for, especially on a budget haircut. However, when you don't even get your Andrew Jackson's worth, you can't help but feel bilked."

Dave J. | December 04, 2011 |

"It's a good place for a basic hairscut, nuthin' fancy. Sports on TV, friendly barber(ette), reasonable prices. No hard sell on the hair care products. Funny that they sell hats in the waiting room...kind of ironic to be selling headwear in a barbershop. If you go the whole route with the MVP, you get shampooed (in a comfy massage chair), a hot towel, and a vibrator massage on the neck and shoulders. Sometimes there's a wait, especially on weekends before major holidays and "back to school" time. They keep a record of your preferred type of hairscut. I usually go with a buzz cut..."3" on top and "2" on the sides, something like that. I've never had the same "barberette" twice. Either they rotate to different stores, or maybe there's quite a turnover. Regardless, it's still one of the places I go to for my hairscut. Notice I write "hairscut", because they just don't cut ONE hair, right?"